DogStar Class Schedule

Day Time Class Start Date Instructor
Monday 6PM Advanced Attention 05/21 Julie
Monday 7PM Advanced Beginner Obedience 05/21 Karen
Monday 7PM Beginner Attention 05/21 Julie
Monday 8PM Rally Level I/II 05/21 Julie
Monday 8PM Freestyle 04/30 Karen D
Tuesday 10AM Beginner Obedience 06/05 Beth
Tuesday 11AM Advanced Beginner Obedience 05/08 Beth
Tuesday 12:30PM Breed Handling 05/08 Julie
Tuesday 1PM Versatility Obedience 05/15 Beth
Tuesday 2PM Rally Competition Workshop 05/15 Julie
Tuesday 3PM Rally Level I/II 05/15 Julie
Tuesday 6PM Puppy Obedience 05/01 Julie
Tuesday 6PM Beginner Obedience 05/22 Beth
Tuesday 7PM Breed Handling 05/29 Julie
Tuesday 7:30PM Breed Handling 05/29 Julie
Tuesday 7PM Advanced Beginner Obedience 06/12 Beth
Tuesday 7PM Beginner Obedience **FULL** 04/24 Beth
Tuesday 8PM Versatility Obedience 05/22 Julie
Wednesday 12PM Agility Handling Skills I 05/23 Karen H
Wednesday 1PM Agility Sequencing 05/16 Karen H
Wednesday 2PM Agility Weaves & Contacts 05/16 Karen H
Wednesday 6PM Agility Handling Skills I 04/25 Karen H
Wednesday 7PM Agility Weaves & Contacts 04/25 Karen H
Wednesday 8PM Agility Sequencing 04/18 Karen
Thursday 10AM Puppy Obedience 05/10 Julie
Thursday 11AM Advanced Attention 04/26 Julie
Thursday 11AM Beginner Attention 06/07 Julie
Thursday 6PM Advanced Agility 03/15 Grace
Thursday 7PM Competition Agility 03/22 Grace
Thursday 8PM Advanced Agility 06/01 Grace
Friday 10AM Agility Sequencing 04/20 Karen H
Friday 11AM Agility Sequencing 04/20 Karen H

Ring Rental for practice is available from 10am to 6pm in unscheduled rings - contact the office for reservations.

  • Breed Handling is a 6-week session, meeting at the same time and same day each week.
    Each class is one half hour in length.
  • Puppy Obedience is a 4-week session, meeting at the same time and same day each week.
    Each class is one hour in length.
  • Workshop/Camp/Seminar Information is located on the Events tab.
  • All Other Classes are 6-week sessions, meeting at the same time and same day each week.
    Each class is one hour in length.

TUITION (effective May 1, 2018)
Puppy Obedience $125.00
Breed Handling $90.00
All Other Classes $175.00
$5.00 discount per 4-week or 6-week session if tuition is paid by check or cash.
All Classes Require Pre-Registration.

We must receive your payment in order to hold a place for you in class.
There are no refunds after the first class (see Guidelines & General Info). No make-up classes are provided for missed classes. Note: Class start dates and times subject to change without notice.

Private instruction, evaluations, and behavior consultations are available. Please call the office for scheduling and fees.